Bonhoeffer 1945 is a dramatic two-hander starring D. Paul Thomas as Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Nicholas Hormann as the Judge Advocate. Filmed live at the 50th Edinburgh Festival Fringe, this critically-acclaimed production is now available on video to be streamed and downloaded, accompanied by a concise Study Guide written by Dr. Gary Hall, former Dean of the Washington National Cathedral.

The play is set in the Wehrmacht Military Prison during Bonhoeffer’s incarceration. In a serious of interrogations, the Judge Advocate subjects Bonhoeffer to rigorous cross-examination—questioning his truthfulness, challenging his faith, implicating his friends, and threatening his family. This powerful dramatization moves quickly beyond a simple profile to explore the subtlety, the contradictions, and the humanity of Pastor Bonhoeffer. Perhaps more than ever, Bonhoeffer’s voice is relevant to the challenges of our time. You’ll find Bonhoeffer 1945 a fresh and moving interpretation of one of the most enigmatic and influential figures of the 20 th century.

The video can be rented or purchased now by streaming and downloading on the Vimeo site below. For a limited time only, buy the download on Vimeo and receive the Study Guide free of charge for your unlimited usage! You’ll find this six-week Study Guide by Dr. Hall the perfect accompaniment to the Bonhoeffer 1945 video, and the perfect “conversation starter” for your church and home groups.

Every purchase of Bonhoeffer 1945 comes with a complementary study guide. 

Outline of the Six-Week Study Guide for Bonhoeffer 1945
Week 1:  Introduction to Bonhoeffer’s Life, Work, Thought, and Times.
Week 2:  Bonhoeffer’s Pre-Prison Thought; View Act I of the play, Bonhoeffer 1945.
Week 3:  Discussion: Theological and Ethical Questions arising from Act I.
Week 4:  Bonhoeffer’s Prison Thought: View Act II of the play, Bonhoeffer 1945.
Week 5:  Discussion: Theological and Ethical Questions arising from Act II.
Week 6:  Discussion: What are the Implications for Christians Today?

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Bonhoeffer 1945 … gives a compelling and chilling account of the last days of the great theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer. A “Best Pick.”

The London Times

…a menacing dialogue…about the nature of truth, the treachery of personal loyalties in a tyranny, the existence of God…

The New York Times

Might versus compassion; state versus religion; and the individual versus society. Bonhoeffer, isolated and vulnerable, searches for truth and justice. A little gem, sparking with big talent, it is a tonic for the apathetic and the sympathetic alike.

The Herald, Glasgow

My kind of theatre—provocative, brilliantly woven!

Ron Silver, former President, Actor’s Equity

It’s hard to imagine any two actors who could bring this material to life with more dramatic verve.

MW Jewish News, New York


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